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About Us - History

David & Estelle PurvisPurvis Horizon Farms was created in 1989 while the Purvis family ran their hog farm in Illinois. Their premium pork sausage has been very popular in Illinois and is currently being expanded into other communities throughout the mid west.

Purvis Horizon Farms Sausage is currently sold in a one-pound (16 oz.) roll package and is USDA inspected. Each roll contains eight two-ounce servings. Our premium pork sausage is sold in the refrigerated meat case in fine stores throughout Illinois and Indiana.

The delicious product is made from quality cuts of meat. The lean ground pork contains only 17% fat content plus flavorful seasonings. Purvis Horizon Farms Sausage, made of the choicest ingredients, does not contain MSG preservatives.

Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, Purvis Horizon Farms sausage is processed in Illinois and distributed to over 100 stores. On weekends, someone from the Purvis family can usually be found near the meat section of area grocery stores preparing samples of their sausage for shoppers.


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